Off season camp: Prepare better

Get the best out of yourself

Off season camp is always positioned at the end of the off-season window.

Maximising your response to the type of training you need to do.

Plan to succeed

Building a successful off season starts before the camp begins. Too much rest and fitness qualities decline. To much training and you may start the season fatigued.

The million-dollar question, what should you do to get the best out of yourself?

The start of the off season:

Games played

Injuries sustained

Psychological & lifestyle pressures

These influences dictate your needs. Following an individual plan is your best way to optimise your response. Getting the right balance of rest and work.

Pro and Pro-lite members

Get custom strategies based on in-season fatigue monitoring.

Bespoke solutions, tailor made to maximise each players response. The best preparation 24/7.

For non-members

Follow your club programme.

This will provide a plan of work and rest. Providing you a structured plan to follow before the camp begins.


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